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Detect, Respond, Recover and Report Ransomware with BullWall


When: 20th May 2020 Where: Online Webinar

Ransomware encryption is becoming more and more severe and challenging, and now that we need to report any data breach to the Supervisory Authority in connection with GDPR, this adds another dimension.

BullWall’s ransomware technology has a very different methodology to what the first line of defence solutions do and is a new additional layer of protection for organisations.

Prevention-based solutions try to prevent malware from executing by looking at the traffic that is coming into your organisation. However, these first lines of defences are ineffective after a malware executes.

BullWall provides a revolutionary Last Line of Defence, detecting attacks on any endpoint by known or unknown ransomware. When BullWall detects suspicious traffic, it raises an alert instantly and responds by shutting down the endpoint under attack, including laptops.

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By joining this webinar and you will get insight into:

• The ransomware problem and why a Last Line of Defence is needed
• Demo of a real ransomware attack and how BullWall isolates it (three different attacks)
• The Cost of Downtime calculator
• The materials available for sales enablement inc; videos, price calculation, etc.

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